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Did you start your blog recently only to find out that you’re clueless on how to get followers on Twitter?

Well, you’re not the only one.

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I started my blog in September 2015 and created all the proper fixings to go with it.

Supposedly, having a Facebook Page, Pinterest, Instagram, and above all, Twitter would help the blog grow — so they said

But, from September to January, my Twitter did nothing for me! I had 49 followers since opening my Twitter account (yay…).

I was like the kid at recess that no one wanted to play with until one magic day in January, I figured it out!

Some of the kids on the playground started asking me to play with them– weeeee! I has friendzzzz — and I got enough followers to be able to write this post on how to get 1000 followers on Twitter in 28 Days.

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Step 1: Make Your Profile Work For You!

People are much more likely to follow you if they know anything about you at all so make it easy for them.

Get your beautiful face up on that profile along with a blurb about who you are and your blog url.

If you like a little sparkle, then throw some #hashtags in your profile.

Step 2: Follow People!

Twitter is the ultimate “scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” type community so follow people to get follow backs.

This seems counterintuitive, but it works. It’s been the number one way for me to get followers.

Of course, you want to follow the RIGHT people to follow you back– you know, people in your industry and what your brand is all about.

These people will not only follow you but will also fill your own feed with key goods for you to discover and share. Don’t forgo value when trying to increase your followers.

Three different ways to find people to follow:
(replace ‘travel’ with your industry)

  1. I followed a travel blogger that I liked with over 10,000 followers, went to her followers list, and started following any travel related Twitter accounts that I liked (based on their little blurb and profile pic).
  2. I followed people that Twitter recommended me following.
  3. I looked up the hashtag #travel and followed any bloggers whose tweets I liked.

I followed about 50+ accounts a day, and most of those accounts followed me back.

See! “Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back” type of community.

On the flip side, you’ll also want to follow back the people who follow you as long as you like their content.

Step 3: Tweet & Retweet

When I first started my Twitter account, I was barely tweeting. I only tweeted the one or two posts that I put out on my blog for the week.

Well, guess what? Since people tweet nonstop, those one or two posts got lost very, very quickly.


To have a voice on Twitter, be talkative! Tweet your own posts, other peoples’ posts, and articles you’ve read online.

The caveat to this is that you should only post quality material. Once people start seeing that you have content that they want to click through, they’ll be more engaged.

Quality tweets = more engagement = more followers

You can also tweet interesting posts and articles (including your own) to Twitter users if you think they’ll like it. If they retweet it, then all their followers will see it!

For example, Cheese Web is a Twitter account based on slow food travel around Europe. I had tweeted to them my Brussels’ one day foodie guide, which they retweeted allowing their 2k+ followers to get a little taste of me.


Retweet tweets from other users, especially ones that you genuinely like and would want to follow you.

On that note, if you retweet a tweet, don’t just simply retweet it.

Choose the “quote tweet” option, and add a little flavor to that tweet. Someone will surely want more of your spicy personality!

Need Help with Tweeting & Retweeting?

Hootsuite is a great tool for scheduling tweets & retweets so you always have something going on Twitter.

Step 4: Tweet at the Right Time

Of course, you can tweet all you want, but if the world is sleeping, then no one will hear you out.

Solution: Tweet at the right time of day.

Find out where most of your readers are from, and cater to their schedule.

Step 5: Pin a Post to the Top of Your Tweets

Don’t forget that Twitter is not just about gaining followers but about your blog.

To get your content to be seen more, pin your latest or favorite tweet from your blog to the top of your profile.

This way when someone checks out your feed, they’ll see exactly what you want them to see and be more likely to retweet your pinned content, which shows up first.

Step 6: Tweet with Photos

I’m sure there’s a statistic out there that says tweets with photos do xx% better than tweets without, but as people, we don’t need statistics to tell us what we like.

Naturally, we love photos. It’s more visually captivating to see travel porn than a tiny one liner mashed in between other one liners.

Step 7: Tweet Inspirational Quotes

On top of photos, inspirational quotes give us a boost of happiness so post a photo WITH an inspirational quote on top, and BAM, you’ve got yourself double retweeting possibilities.

Get followers & make people feel good about themselves– why not?!

Step 8: Join Twitter Chats

Twitter users will host a Twitter chat at a certain time each week. They ask questions, and we answer with a specific hashtag, meet new Tweeps, and have fun connecting a common interest.

Question 3 for #TTAFchat asked about a time when travel plans went wrong but turned out ok. You can see how my trip cancelled to Israel and booked to Italy turned out much more than ok!

For the travel industry: Here’s when some chats are happening.

For non-travel industry: Here’s a site where you can find chats related to your industry.

As a note: I got to 1,000 followers WITHOUT Twitter chats by only using the steps above this, but since it’s such a good piece of advice from a fellow blogger, I’m sure it’ll help you reach 1k faster!

Step 9: Unfollow People Who Unfollow You

Now this isn’t exactly a way to get your followers to grow, but it’ll keep your feed clean of those who may not want to be part of this empire you’re building– because you are building an empire, right?

Basically, there’s this unsaid code of honor in the realm of social media that it’s pretty rude to follow people to get a follow back only to unfollow them a few days later.

That is a NO NO. Don’t do it, and don’t think about it. If someone does this to you, then unfollow them!

I use Crowdfire to track who unfollows me, but there are other sites out there so find one that you like.

Step 10: Have fun!

Last advice for you is to have fun with Twitter.

Talk with people, provide insight, and discover new people and places around the world.

This is social media, not rocket science, so become a part of the community, create relationships, and enjoy yourself.

How fun is this conversation? Discovering what is weird to another that’s been part of our lives since birth.

How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter in 28 Days — Life Learning — Medium.

Source: How to Get 1000+ Followers on Twitter in 28 Days — Life Learning — Medium